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Easter News

Hey Parents!

Just a reminder that we are CLOSED on Friday, March 30th is celebration of Good Friday! We hope everyone is able to use this extended weekend as a way to spend some extra time with your families and loved ones this Easter holiday!

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Valentine’s Day Parties

School-wide Valentine’s Day parties are planned for our afternoon snack time on Wednesday, February 14th! Please see your child’s teacher for a classroom count and list of student names. If age-appropriate, we encourage you to have your child sign their own name on their Valentines! If you would like to bring a snack for your child’s class, please check with the lead teacher or look for a sign-up sheet to be posted in your child’s classroom. 

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Winter is right around the corner and that means that our weather will start getting colder and colder in the days to come! With this being said, please make sure that your child is always dressed warmly when they come to school and that they are prepared for daily outside recess! All children should have a coat, hat, gloves, snow pants and boots in their cubby. Also, please check to make sure that your child has a spare change of clothes that fit properly and are appropriate for the current season. Winter fun is headed our way, so please make sure your child stays warm while they play! 

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Thanksgiving Break!

Just a Reminder: Discovery Days will be CLOSED Thursday, November 23rd and Friday the 24th in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday! We’re so thankful for all of our amazing families here at Discovery Days and we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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Parent-Teacher Conferences Fall 2017

When: Wednesday October 25th & Thursday October 26th

Time:   Starting at 6:30pm

Who:   Parrots, Giraffes, Two-Cans, Monkeys and Lions

Sign-ups will be posted in each classroom for 15 minute sessions with your child’s teacher.  This time is set aside for you and your child’s teacher to review their achievements, challenges and expectations for the year.  Please look for your child’s primary teacher and sign up for that day.

*We will be meeting with just you the parents, so please make sure to either sign-up for our “In House Child Care” or find alternate care for your children.

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Say “Cheese!”

Our building-wide Picture Day will be Thursday, October 5th, so mark your calendars now! We will start at 7:00 am with siblings, including siblings that are in the school age room. From there, all children from every classroom will have their picture taken, starting with the Parrots and working up to the Lions.  Class photos will be taken after individual photos.

*Make sure to turn in your picture form BEFORE Oct. 5th with your preferred background style/color!

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Whitecaps Baseball Game!

On Saturday July 29th, we will be going to the White Caps Game as a group! Your teachers have passed out an order form for tickets that will need to be turned in by July 14th. Tickets are $11.50 per person or $15.50 for a Hot Dog and Soda deal! If you are going to the game, you will need to drive your own vehicle to the White Caps stadium and meet us there! Our seats will be together, and your seat number will be specified on your ticket which you will receive before the day of the game! If you have any other questions, please send us an e-mail! We hope to see you at the ball game! 

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